Nanotechnology in Water Filters (Part 2)

The water is becoming scarce and water pollution is a major issue these days, so everybody should pay attention to what they can find in their

Nanotechnology in Water Filters

Nanotechnology in Water Filters

 water filter cartridge. Sand particles, organic decomposing matter, radioactive particles and many more. It is very important we pay attention to what we consume and especially what we drink. A water purification system is becoming necessary. The nanotechnology scientists are trying hard everyday to invent a new system for water cleaning. One of the techniques they are using is a magnetic sorbent material that removes heavy metals from drinking water. The scientists have coated magnetic nanoparticles of iron oxide with humic acid. This technique increases the material durability and makes the removal of the heavy metals more efficient. The nanotechnology creates miracles when it comes to water purification. Its goal is to invent low cost and at the same time eco friendly materials so they can be used to filter large amounts of water like industrial waste water, surface water, and groundwater. Basically, what the scientist are striving for is to be able to purify any water so it can be drinkable. Every material the nanotechnology scientists develop has its unique quality and removes different types of particles from the water. One day a material will be invented that combines all these characteristics and will be astoundingly efficient. Until then you can still filter your drinking water with a water filter cartridge. Call us today to find out which one will best fit your household situation.


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