Water Filters – What Type is the Best For You?

Water filter cartridgesThe choice of drinking water filters available can be both confusing and over-whelming for customers, and choosing the best and most appropriate type for your personal needs is not an easy feat.

Understanding the different filter types and the benefits they each have to offer can make it easier to decipher which filter type is best for you. Here, we have outlined the most popular types of water filter to maker choosing a filter a more accessible task for our customers:

  •  Activated Carbon Water Filters – This type of filter works to correct taste and odour problems. It’s also the most effective type of water filter capable of eliminating particular organic chemicals as well as some pesticide residues.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters – This another type of filtration system used when purifying drinking water. Unlike other water filter types, filtration systems using reverse osmosis require very little maintenance, making them convenient for personal use. In addition, they are capable of removing various kinds of harmful water contaminants to make drinking water safer.
  • Ultrafilters – They are capable of eliminating microorganisms, colloids, pyrogens and other water particles. The downside of using ultrafilters is the fact that they do not have the ability to filter out dissolved inorganics.

The type of water filter that you should get will depend on the particles you want to eliminate. Only opt for good quality water filters to ascertain that they are capable of purifying water.

The Water Filter Company has a fantastic selection of water filters on offer that are suitable for both household and office use.


One Response to Water Filters – What Type is the Best For You?

  1. Oosterling Oosterling says:

    Dear sir,
    I am looking for a cartridge filter that blocks iron. I pump the water for the house from a deep well but from time to time we find laundy stained brownish. This occurs at places where one could expect sweat to be in the fabric. The water contains iron and sulpher. I use catridges down to 20 micron, 3 in a row, but still the fine iron slips through. Is there not a sodium based type of cartridge?? Can you help? Any other suggestion you might have is welcome.
    Kind regards

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