PENTEK water filter technology

PENTEK water filtration systemsPENTEK is a big name brand in water filtration, and they have developed an extensive range of water filters to suit a wide range of uses. With a focus on residential and commercial water treatment markets, PENTEK brand filter products remove contaminants and suspended solids from the water, providing clean, safe drinking water and protecting and extending the life of household appliances and critical equipment.

Sediment filtration is one of the most basic water treatment options available. This type of filtration is accomplished by mechanically removing solid matter from a fluid stream by trapping particles in a solid media.

Carbon cartridges utilize activated carbon and other activated materials to remove contaminants from water. Most carbon filters also use mechanical filtration as well so both sediment and chemicals are reduced.

Specialty cartridges can be used for a number of different applications.

The MicroGuard™ Series uses membrane filters which provide reliable bacteria and protozoan cyst reduction for safer and cleaner drinking water without incorporating chemicals into the media or adding chemicals to the filtered water.

WS Series cartridges are designed to allow optimal contact between water resin surfaces, ensuring maximum ion exchange.

The OAC-20BB filter cartridge is designed for oil adsorption made from modified cellulose-based filter media which is processed into sheets and assembled into cartridges for use in standard 20-inch Big Blue filter housings.

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