Supermarkets upset over bottled water bashing

supermarket filtered bottled waterSupermarket bottled water has long come under scrutiny for not being everything it claims to be.

But critics have now gone as far as calling some supermarkets “immoral” for placing their own-brand bottled water on shelves alongside brands or mineral water such as Evian. The water sold by these supermarkets is in fact just filtered mains water – something which we could all produce at home, but sold to us at a mark-up of 2500 times the price paid by homeowners for their mains water.

Jacob Tompkins, director of Waterwise, an independent body that advises the Government and industry on the efficient use of water, said: ‘There is a very real danger that people are being misled by the way these bottled waters are being labelled.

‘When they are selling natural mineral water or spring water filtered through rocks in the north of Scotland, supermarkets are very quick to spell out every detail on the bottle.

‘However, strangely they cannot find the space to list these products as filtered tap water. The public should be told on the label exactly what they are buying.’

Filtered tap water is a fantastic way to ensure that the water you drink is as tasty and safe as you would like it to be. However, instead of paying a supermarket to filter the water already on offer at home for you, you could invest in your own water filtration device, with a top quality filtering system from The Water Filter Company, so you know that not only are you saving money, you also have filtered water on tap whenever you want it!



Kayleigh Clerkin is a part-time journalist who writes articles for Drinking Waters UK - one of the UK's largest suppliers of drinking water products including water fountains, water coolers, water filters, distilled water and spring water. Add me to your Google+ circles.

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