Water filters come to rescue in small US towns

home water filtration Monson

Residents in Monson are shown how to use and maintain the water filtration systems in their homes.

A small town in California, USA, has had to turn to water filter technology in order to ensure they have access to clean drinking water. Monson residents have been using water filters in each home, a service paid for by local Rotary Clubs and one which is usually reserved for helping Third World communities.

Monson and other small towns in Tulare County, CA, wrestle with widespread contamination from nitrates from fertilizers, septic tanks, animal waste and decaying vegetation. Nitrates can cause a potentially fatal blood disease in infants. They also are linked to cancer.

But rural towns needing state help with water fixes face years of technical delays.

For Tulare County towns, the technical delays have meant years of reliance on bottled water, even though California voters have approved millions of dollars for drinking-water fixes.

Many families spend up to 10% of their income to buy safe drinking water.

But soon Monson will be spared that expense. Plumbers and other expert volunteers from Rotary will teach residents how to maintain their new filtration systems. Water in each home will be tested before and after the system installation.

Rotary leaders say an advanced filtering system will be under kitchen sinks for residents. The units lower nitrates by nearly 90% and make the water safe to drink.

Called a reverse osmosis system, tainted water is forced through a high-tech membrane that traps contaminants but allows water to pass. Maintenance costs about $25 for filter replacement after several months. Once a year, replacement of the high-tech membrane costs a little more than $100.

Whilst not a long-term solution, this story highlights how useful water filters can be – to some, they are little short of a necessity. The Water Filter Company has a diverse range of filters for all our customers’ filtering needs, whether it is a necessity or just for a little luxury!



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