Drinking water quality ‘high’ in NI

filtered water health benefitsNorthern Ireland can now boast that it has “high quality” drinking water.

Regional Development Minister, Danny Kennedy, has welcomed a report on the quality of drinking water in Northern Ireland, according to the Executive. 

The ‘Drinking Water Quality in Northern Ireland’ report was published by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

It found the quality of public drinking water supplies in Northern Ireland remains high, with overall compliance for samples taken from water treatment works, service reservoirs and consumers’ taps at 99.83%.

Speaking after the publication of the report, Minister Kennedy said: “Investment has led to upgrades of water treatment facilities across Northern Ireland, enabling high quality water to continue to be provided. We need to maintain investment to keep standards high by making further improvements in our infrastructure.”

However, the report also states that vigilance is required in order to maintain the high quality of drinking water and that good operational practice and management should be applied at every stage in water supply.

Commenting on this, the Minister said: “NI Water’s ongoing investment programme which focuses on continuing to improve drinking water quality, will see further upgrades to its water treatment works and distribution systems. I welcome the improvement this will bring for the overall health and well-being of the Northern Ireland consumer, by providing safe, clean drinking water.”

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