Oasis Water Filtration

Improve the taste and quality of drinking, cooking and beverage-making water. OASIS’ superior green filter systems reduce chemicals, sediments, lead, chlorine, taste and odor to deliver great-tasting water without the hassle
Oasis Filter System
or price of other filtration systems.

The OASIS green filter system is a patented reusable system. The durable filter housing is refillable and can be used over and over. Multiple filter types are available to meet almost any water filtration need and filters can be arranged as one, two or three level systems to provide optimum water filtration.

OASIS green filters are ideal for use in point-of-use coolers, pressure water coolers or under sinks–use them wherever fresh, filtered water is needed. Two types of filter cartridge housings are available: InLine and Quarter-Turn. See below to determine the type of filter cartridge housing is best for your needs, or connect with our customer service department for more information.

Where to Use

Drinking fountains
Point-of-Use water coolers
Under sinks
Coffee machines


Reduces harmful or distasteful impurities, including lead, chlorine and scale
One, two and three-filter systems deliver superior water quality


NSF Certified components
Simple installation (see how it’s installed)
Easy maintenance (filter changes average every 6 months)
Filter housing is reusable and filters are easy and economical to replace
Customizable to three filter levels
Variety of filter elements available to meet various water filtration needs
Affordable to maintain compared to other filtration and bottled water products

Options & Models

QuarterTurn green filter Housing

The Quarter-Turn green filter system is a permanent filter cartridge housing that can be mounted directly to any surface. Filter changes are quick and easy with a simple turn of the filter cartridge–unscrew cartridge, remove used filter element, insert new filter element, and reattach with a simple quarter turn to the permanent mount.

Simple Installation:

Screw the filter head bracket assembly (1, 2, 3 stage versions) to the vertical surface where the filters will be mounted. Place filter media into the outer housing(s) and close cap tight. Slide the white collar up over the cap until it snaps.
Click each filter into the mount by turning counterclockwise.
Connect the supply side water tubing into the blue water inlet side push-fit quick connector on the right side of the filter mounting head.
Connect the outlet side water tubing into the blue filtered water outlet side quick-connector on the right side of the filter mounting head.

InLine green filter Housing

The InLine green filter system is connected to flexible water tubing with a simple “push-into-place” fitting at the top and bottom of the filter cartridge–eliminating extra labor. The Inline green filter system delivers fresh, filtered water when and where you need it, ideal in situations where simplicity and space is a priority. Compatible with most water appliances, drinking fountains, water coolers and in areas where permanent mounting is undesirable.

Simple Installation:

Screw in the InLine mount
Place filter media into outer housing and close the cap tightly
Push in the water tubes into the filter’s water inlet side quick-connector and to the water outlet quick-connector (the cap side is the inlet)
Brackets are not necessary for the InLine filter-either let the filter hang or place on InLine mount

Filter Elements-a filter for every water need

Galaxi filter



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