Replacement Water Filters


Benefits of drinking filtered water

There are numerous benefits to drinking filtered drinking water. Here are just four of the best reasons: Clean and mineral-rich water A good quality water filter removes the worst contaminants from your source water without removing the naturally occurring minerals, which are critical for optimal health. There are a range of water filters to choose […]

Oasis home water cooler

Here at the water filter company we aim to offer our customers a wide range of solutions in order to provide a source of chilled filtered water in every home. One of the simplest and most convenient products available is the Oasis home water cooler. This product features a chiller unit with a tank sitting on […]

Why choose The water filter company?

The water filter company are the UK’s leading experts on water filtration systems and replacement cartridges. If you are looking for Everpure,3M,Omnipure, ER4,Pentek, or Pureflow we are the people to speak to. We stock a huge range of filtration media. If we don’t stock what you require we can usually source it or an equivalent within a few hours.We also offer […]

Find a filter

At the water filter company we pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of the industry.Our experts are always available to help you find the best filter for your needs or to help you find a replacement filter for your current system.Many water cooler company’s re-brand filter cartridges in an attempt to take away consumers ability […]