Carbon block technology from Omnipure

Omnipure introduced its own carbon block filtration media over a decade ago; Omnipure has continued to renovate its design to meet customer demand for more refined products, and has ensured this with an state-of-the-art new carbon block. Omnipure’s engineering team has produced a strong, one-piece block with an extended life. It is unsurpassed at removing […]

The new L-Series filters from Omnipure

For the past 35 years, Omnipure Filter Company® has been revolutionising the in-line filter industry. The company has now developed a new line of products, the unique L-Series of filters. The L-Series was developed to offer Omnipure customers easy change-outs. Available with or without auto shutoff, the new L-Series offers a patented keyed design to […]

Water Filters – What Type is the Best For You?

The choice of drinking water filters available can be both confusing and over-whelming for customers, and choosing the best and most appropriate type for your personal needs is not an easy feat. Understanding the different filter types and the benefits they each have to offer can make it easier to decipher which filter type is […]

Filtration Systems vs. Reverse Osmosis

  Reverse Osmosis systems filter out a wider range of contaminants than most ordinary carbon filters, helping deal with problems ordinary carbon filters typically can’t, for example: arsenic, lead, copper, sodium, nitrates, fluoride, cysts, TDS and pharmaceutical contaminants.   While many under-sink filters contain activated carbon, the carbon membrane does not remain in contact with […]

Filters for the cosmetic’s industry

  The water filter company has a range of filter systems designed to suit all environment. One of our most popular systems  the GAC-10 system is perfect for use by the Beauty industry. This 20 micron Pentek filter effectivly  reduces chlorine taste and odor from your water. The GAC-10’s unique construction allows water to flow in […]

Reverse Osmosis filtration systems

The water filter company is please to introduce the Spectrum Twist-Lock Reverse Osmosis System Capable of removing up to 97% of most contaminants, this three stage Twist-Lock RO system utilizes two high capacity carbon block cartridges and a high purity RO membrane cartridge. This system also utilizes the same quick and convenient connections as Spectrum […]

Apex water cooler filters

Here at The water filter company we supply the Omni-pure range of water filters which are perfect for use with the New Apex point of use water cooler.We offer both the Q and K series options Details of the specifications can be found under the Omni-pure tab .In conjunction with our sister company we can offer a complete Apex water […]

Everpure 4C water filters

The Everpure 4C water filter system is one of the most popular in the uk.This premium quality “ingredient” cartridge is designed for use with both office and home water coolers and systems. The main contamenants removed are;  * Chlorine * Cysts * Asbestos   The cartridge itself  has a micron rating of 0.5 microns, has […]

John guest fittings

Did you know that the water filter company is also a supplier of the popular John Guest range of push fit fittings. These are essential in the installation of a water filter system in the home or office.We stock both metric and imperial fittings.We also supply complete water filter systems that include a water filter […]