Founded in 1933, Everpure has grown to become recognized as a worldwide leader in quality, reliability and innovation, with facilities across the globe. That’s why experts in the know—like the Starbucks®, Coca-Cola® Company, Walt Disney World®, United Airlines®, Winnebago®, even the U.S Navy and Air Force One—use Everpure for their water filtration needs.

And while our water filtration systems improve the water of worldwide, the water we care most about is yours. Our commitment is to ensuring every glass of water you serve is sparkling clear.


Part numberDescriptionImagePrice
EV9259-24* QL3B Single Head
* Inlet and Outlet size 3/8" FPT
EV9601-00* Micron Rating: 0.5
* Capacity (L): 11,355
* Dimensions 8.26(d) x 36.83(h)
* Certification NSF42 / NSF53